environmental story

environmental story

BOLYU's commitment to the enviornment
Our environmental mission is to build a company of outstanding integrity that goes far beyond traditional business values to reflect our shared beliefs about the value of healthy, happy, and productive people and the importance of nurturing a healthy and diverse environment that will sustainably provide abundant resources, growth, wealth, and equal opportunity to meet these objectives today and for future generations that will benefit from our increasing scale and investment in innovative technologies.

  • Walk the talk
    Use materials, resources, and processes that reduce or eliminate the risk of pollution and return waste to raw material use.
  • Act, measure, monitor, and improve
    Ensure continuous compliance with all environmental laws and regulations, benchmark environmental performance, and measure progress on annual targets.
  • Seek sustainable growth
    Use economy, ecology, and social equity filters to evaluate and prioritize investments in technology and innovation that result in profitability, environmental stewardship, and workplace excellence.
  • Make sustainability everyone’s job
    Make sure that all employees are provided appropriate environmental training and encourage their input on all environmental programs.
  • Earn the right to operate
    Verify environmental marketing claims through scientific standards and/or third-party certifications and make the information transparent and accessible.
  • Act with urgency, but plan for generations
    Plan for the near and long-term benefit our employees and shareholders, the communities where we operate, our customers, and other global stakeholders.
  • Change the world, not just the copy
    Be the employer and supplier of choice in the carpet industry through integrity, technology & innovation, and effective communication.

our recycling initiatives

At BOLYU, we view recycling as a way to be innovative and creative. With this in mind, recycling differentiates us from other flooring companies. Many of the raw materials we use come from refuse people have discarded. We currently recycle PET, Nylon, and Glass. Any waste we create, we research ways to divert it to other markets for recycling into products for the consumer market instead of the landfill.

post-consumer waste collection

We have a sister company that is one of the two largest Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) recyclers in Georgia. That company currently takes in 70 million pounds of bottles annually, keeping billions of PET bottles out of the landfill. BOLYU uses the recycled PET content in our fiber systems and carpet tile backing.

green energy programs

The largest impact on global warming is the use of Energy from the burning of fossil fuels such as coal. Manufacturers require a lot of energy to produce products. A focus at BOLYU is energy reductions and the use of Green Energy. Beginning in 2008, BOLYU became the first commercial manufacturer to buy 100% Green renewable energy credits for all of our facilities.

That purchase, had the environmental benefit equal to not driving 1,222 cars per year. It’s also the same as offsetting 725 households annual electricity use.

Today, all BOLYU global plants purchase renewable energy credits. All renewable energy credits that are purchased are obtained 100% through energy drawn from the wind.

BOLYU is also a proud member of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership Program.