qwell™ antimicrobial protectant


Introducing qwell™, an advanced generation antimicrobial protectant specially developed by BOLYU as a safe and effective alternative to toxic chemicals and fungicides for use in facilities where product performance and life cycles, indoor air quality, and cleanliness are imperatives.

chemistry vs. chemicals

qwell™ utilizes our proprietary silver and zinc (si+nc)™ chemistry platform, effectively eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and compounds for the control of odor and stain causing microbes.

Silver and zinc are naturally occurring elements used increasingly for protection against and elimination of odor and stain causing fungus causing microbes in a wide range of products—from toothbrushes and keyboards, to shampoos and shoes.

effective and efficient

qwell™ incorporates advanced generation chemistry into both the face and backing of our flooring products to create a two part microbial containment and control system that works by efficiently trapping microbes in the product where they can be eradicated—quickly, accurately, and effectively.

contain and control

By efficiently trapping and containing microbes for eradication and elimination, qwell™ functions as a base – a key component – of an effective facility maintenance, microbial and odor control, and IAQ program.

key qwell™ features

  • Inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of odor and stain causing molds, mildews, and bacteria through the use of naturally occurring Silver and Zinc bonded antimicrobials.
  • Meets certification standards for the three most recognized indoor environmental quality testing protocols.
  • Registered by the EPA for use in carpet and other commercial Interiors products.
  • Guaranteed to maintain antimicrobial preservative effectiveness for the life of the product.
*Beaulieu Group, LLC carpets, treated with qwell™, passes the highest standard of antimicrobial testing – AATCC Test Method 174-2007 (A test method designed to determine the antimicrobial activity within new carpet materials through antimicrobial assessments).

*BOLYU is a registered trademark of Beaulieu Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

*qwell™  is a trademark of Beaulieu Group, LLC and is not related in any way to the antimicrobial feature of the carpet. Such antimicrobial characteristics are built into the carpet to protect the carpet only from stain and odor causing bacteria, mold, and mildew. THE ANTIMICROBIAL CHARACTERISTICS DO NOT EXTEND TO PEOPLE OR ANIMALS AND IN NO WAY AFFECT OR IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF PEOPLE OR ANIMALS.