puralex odor reducer


Puralex Odor Reducer
Puralex® is a self-renewing odor reducer that freshens the indoors by breaking down organic molecules in the air into inert material. Using breakthrough proprietary technology, Puralex® significantly shortens the time it takes for odors to dissipate. This salt-compound product contains no harmful chemicals, has no fragrance, and continually renews itself through contact with air circulation.

  • Reduces Odors
    Effective against virtually any indoor odor: organic odors including smoke/nicotine, ammonia/urine, hydrogen sulfide, food and cooking smells – even fish and other odors.
  • Freshens the Air
    Breaks down organic modules into inert materials; Puralex® attacks virtually all odors, not just those that are water-based odors.
  • Environmentally Friendly with no harmful chemicals
    Salt compound – a mixture of organic and inorganic ingredients.
  • Proprietary Technology
    Puralex forms a complex molecular bond that is embedded in the carpet and is only available on our products.
  • Reduces VOC’s in the Room Environment
    Puralex helps reduce volatile organic compounds by absorbing odors from the indoor air as shown in independent testing using EPA approved methods.
  • Self Renewing
    Odor reducers are perpetually renewed by air circulation. Actual results will vary based on proper room airflow conditions.
  • Built into carpet and lasts through time and multiple cleanings.
    Embedded during manufacturing process.
  • Only available on our products
    Puralex® is offered in all Bolyu styles made with Avalar®, Avalar® SD, and Avalar® RE premium branded nylon as well as all Nexterra® modular products.
  • Indoor Air Quality and Puralex®
    Environmental Chamber test following ASTM D5116. Analysis based on EPA Method IP-1B for VOC’s by thermal desorption followed by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (TD/DGC/MS), and EPA IP-6A for selected aldehydes by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).
  • Safety and Performance Life
    Puralex® passes all standards of safety and performance. Testing confirms that Puralex® activates by air circulation and withstands both repeated cleanings and wear.

    • Flooring Radiant Panel Test: Meets NFPA Class I when tested under ASTM E-648 glue down.
    • AATCC Test Method 171 Carpets: Cleanings of Hot Water Extraction Methods
    • ASTM International Test Method D2884 Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics, Rotary Platform