nexterra® carpet tile backing


Nexterra® Carpet Backing
Nexterra® carpet tile backing process – a revolutionary patented (Patent # US 8,476,364 B2) example of sustainable design. The Nexterra® recyclable carpet tile system provides high quality, low weight, post-consumer recycled content, dimensional stability, low embodied energy and recyclability, all of which ensure minimal environmental impact.

benefits of nexterra®

  • Revolutionary award-winning backing system
    First generation backing system which is a step forward in sustainable design; recognized by magazines and trade shows for innovation.
  • Highest Post Consumer content in the industry
    Nexterra® features with a minimum of 40% post consumer recycled content measured as a percentage of average total carpet tile weight.
  • Manufactured with 100% renewable green energy
    Nexterra® backing manufacturing facilities utilize 100% Renewable Green Energy – wind energy; and because it is the lowest weight carpet tile backing, it uses 50% less energy than the industry average.
  • Low environmental impact
    Composed of post consumer content from recycled water and soda bottles, Nexterra® makes an outstanding environmental contribution by diverting waste materials away from our rapidly-filling public landfills. No water is used in the manufacturing process for Nexterra®.
  • Recyclable
    Nexterra® can be post-consumer recycled back into Nexterra®.
  • LEED benefits
    Nexterra’s® post consumer content contributes twice the dollar amount than pre-consumer content in the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.®
  • Third Party Certified
    Nexterra® is CRI Green Label Plus Certified for good indoor air quality.
  • Features Odor Reducer Puralex®
    This odor reducer purifies the air while constantly renewing itself through air circulation. It is effective against virtually any indoor odor, and Puralex® can help to lower VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).
  • Easy Installation and excellent performance
    Nexterra® carpet tiles are easy to install, dimensionally stable and lay flat on the floor over the life of any installation without curling or doming.
  • Easy to lift at replacement time
    With a recycled secondary fleece and the appropriate releasable adhesive, they provide better adhesion to the floor and easier pull up for replacement.
  • Outstanding warranties
    Nexterra® offers outstanding warranties for wear, tuft bind, pilling and fuzzing, delamination, edge ravel, zippering, static propensity, and dimensional stability.
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