frame & flashback

A dynamic duo! Design inspiration for Frame & Flashback originates with the Dutchman Piet Mondrian. Influenced by the Cubism Art Movement, geometric squares were created, some holding bright primary colors. Mondrian’s design influence was found in art and architecture and a favorite in the fashion world.

Frame consists of a series of color components found within the grid-like pattern. A touch of metallic sparkle enhances the textured construction.

A design complementary to Frame, Flashback is composed of cross lines incorporating the metallic accent but void of color squares and rectangles.

Frame & Flashback are available as 18” x 36” modules, with 12 corporate-influenced color combinations. In addition, Frame & Flashback are perfect companions for our styles Batiste and Mica.
This offers the designer multiple module sizes, texture and color options in creating the unique spaces.