carbon-neutral fuel?

At Bolyu, we are committed to building a company of outstanding integrity that goes far beyond traditional business values to reflect our shared beliefs about the value of healthy, happy, and productive people and the importance of nurturing a healthy and diverse environment. We are encouraged when we hear about advancements in energy production – especially when they could lead to carbon-neutral fuel. 

An article on Fast Company tells us that Marine BioEnergy is working on just such an idea by using “kelp elevator” – a long tube with seaweed growing on it that can be moved up and down in the water to access sunlight and nutrients – to harvest the abundant and renewable kelp in the ocean.

If everything works as planned, there could be kelp farms harvesting and converting a new carbon-neutral source biocrude.

We hope Marine BioEnergy founders, Cindy and Brian Wilcox, are successful!