avalar® nylon fibers


Avalar Carpet Fiber
Avalar®, Avalar® SD and Avalar® RE are premium branded, yarn-dyed and solution-dyed Type 6 nylon fibers extruded in our quality-controlled facilities. We developed these fibers specifically for commercial applications with testing and quality protocols that meet or exceed industry standards. In addition to a palette with over 100 leading edge colors, Avalar® fibers provide performance and aesthetics necessary to fulfill the needs of challenging commercial applications.


  • Avalar® white nylon- piece dyed or yarn dye
  • Avalar® SD value driven, solution dyed nylon- previously Cambridge, BOLYU, and Aqua approved nylon
  • Avalar® RE solution dyed, recycled content nylon, manufactured with 25% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content

carpet tile

  • Avalar® white nylon- piece dyed or yarn dyed
  • Avalar® RE solution dyed nylon, 40% minimum post consumer recycled content based on total weight of product

odor reduction

  • Puralex® measurably reduces indoor odors and lowers the emissions of volatile organic compounds